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Millipore MulitScreen Filter Plate 96 Well 0.45um PVDF Pack of 10 Filter Plates

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Introducing the Millipore MSIPS4W10 MulitScreen Filter Plate 96 Well 0.45um PVDF Pack of 10 Filter Plates. This high-quality filter plate, manufactured by Millipore, is designed to provide exceptional filtration performance. With its 96 well design and 0.45um PVDF membrane, it offers precise and efficient filtration for various applications.

The Millipore MSIPS4W10 MulitScreen Filter Plate is a reliable solution for laboratories and research facilities. Its pack of 10 filter plates ensures an ample supply for your filtration needs. The PVDF membrane guarantees excellent chemical compatibility and durability, making it suitable for a wide range of samples.

With its unique design and advanced technology, this filter plate allows for easy handling and efficient sample processing. It effectively removes impurities and particulates, ensuring reliable and accurate results. Whether you are working with biological samples, cell culture, or other applications, this filter plate delivers consistent and reproducible performance.

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