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Ace Glass Chromatography Column #50 Ace-Thred 6 in. ID x 24 in.

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The Ace Glass 5862-62 Glass Chromatography Column is a high-quality chromatography column designed for use in various separation and purification processes in chemistry and biology laboratories. With a size of #50 Ace-Thred and dimensions of 6 inches in inner diameter (ID) and 24 inches in height, this column offers ample capacity for packing and separating chromatographic materials. Chromatography Applications: The column is suitable for various chromatography techniques, including column chromatography, flash chromatography, and gravity chromatography. It is commonly used for the separation and purification of organic compounds, biomolecules, and pharmaceuticals in research and industrial laboratories. #50 Ace-Thred: The column features a #50 Ace-Thred, which is a standard thread size used for connecting the column to other chromatography equipment, such as adapters, end fittings, and chromatography systems. This threading system ensures a secure and leak-free connection, minimizing the risk of sample loss or contamination. Dimensions: With a 6-inch inner diameter (ID) and 24-inch height, the column offers ample space for packing chromatographic materials, such as stationary phases, resins, or packing media. The large diameter allows for high sample loading capacity and improved resolution in chromatographic separations. Used. Looks like new. Great condition.

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