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BStean Syringe Pump 100 ml with 150 cm Tubing

by BStean
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The BStean PF-CKAG-1XEK Syringe Pump is a precision instrument designed for controlled and accurate dispensing of fluids using a syringe. With a 100 ml syringe capacity and accompanied by 150 cm of tubing, this syringe pump is well-suited for a range of applications in laboratories and medical settings.

This pump is equipped with advanced features that enable precise and programmable delivery of fluids. The 100 ml syringe allows for the administration of a substantial volume of liquid, while the included 150 cm tubing provides flexibility in the setup and positioning of the pump.

Whether used for laboratory experiments, medical procedures, or other fluid-handling applications, the BStean PF-CKAG-1XEK Syringe Pump is designed to meet the demands of accurate and controlled fluid delivery. Its combination of syringe capacity and tubing length makes it a versatile tool for various scientific and medical tasks, ensuring reliable and consistent performance.
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