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Rainin Pipet-Lite 1000 ul LTS Single Channel Pipettor with Warranty

by Rainin
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The Rainin L-1000XLS Pipet-Lite 1000 μl LTS Single Channel Pipettor is a cutting-edge laboratory instrument engineered for precise and accurate liquid handling tasks. Featuring LTS (LiteTouch System) technology, it offers effortless and ergonomic operation, reducing hand strain and fatigue during pipetting procedures. With its 1000 μl volume capacity, this pipettor is suitable for a wide range of applications, including sample preparation, assay development, and PCR setup. The included warranty provides assurance of quality and performance, offering users peace of mind regarding its reliability and durability. Whether used in academic research, pharmaceutical laboratories, or industrial settings, the Rainin L-1000XLS Pipet-Lite delivers exceptional accuracy and precision, contributing to efficient and reproducible results.

Used. Excellent condition; all mechanisms operating smoothly.

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