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Propper Chex-All II Sterilization Pouch Instant Sealing 5 x 15 in. 250 Pouches

by Propper
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The Propper Chex-All II Sterilization Pouch is designed for packaging and sterilizing medical or dental instruments. This pack includes 250 pouches, each measuring 5 inches in width and 15 inches in length. The pouches are equipped with an instant sealing feature for efficient and secure closure.

Key features of the Propper Chex-All II Sterilization Pouch may include:

Instant Sealing: The pouches likely feature a sealing mechanism that allows for quick and effective closure, ensuring the sterility of the contents.

Sterilization: Designed for use in sterilization processes, these pouches provide a barrier to microbial contamination, helping maintain the sterility of the enclosed instruments.

Before use, it is essential to refer to the product documentation or guidelines provided by Propper for specific instructions on proper usage, sterilization methods, and any considerations for optimal performance. The Propper Chex-All II Sterilization Pouches are valuable for healthcare professionals and facilities that require reliable and efficient sterilization of instruments.

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