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Qiagen RT2 Profiler PCR Array for Receptor Signaling Pathway Mouse TLR - 3 Plates

by Qiagen
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The Qiagen 330231 RT2 Profiler PCR Array is a specialized molecular biology tool designed to profile gene expression in the Mouse Toll-Like Receptor (TLR) Signaling Pathway. Tailored for use with a 384-well plate system (PAMM-018ZE-4) and compatible with the ABI 7900HT thermal cycler, this set encompasses three plates, each equipped for the comprehensive analysis of gene expression in the TLR signaling pathway. This array offers valuable insights into immune responses and molecular mechanisms in mouse samples, with the 384-well format facilitating efficient and high-throughput gene expression analysis. Researchers using the Qiagen RT2 Profiler PCR Array can benefit from its ABI 7900HT compatibility and the set of three plates, providing ample resources for multiple experiments or replicates. Developed by Qiagen, a trusted name in the field of molecular biology and life sciences, this array is a valuable tool for scientists exploring the intricacies of immune signaling pathways in mouse models.

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